Lawn care

Profesional lawn care services

It's nearly impossible to relax and enjoy spending time in your yard if it's overgrown, full of weeds, or dying from various causes. We understand that plants grow fast in Chicagoland area and that lawn care can be a challenge. Regardless, if you put off lawn care tasks they just become more difficult and more time-consuming. Besides being annoyed with your yard, unkempt properties tend to have an overreaching effect, and they can begin to negatively affect how your neighbors perceive you. If you have found yourself struggling to keep up with yard maintenance, call the professionals at The Best garden's to take care of everything for you.

We're a small company that prides ourselves on quality work, personalized landscaping plans, and excellent customer service.

Lawn mowing

Our lawn mowing services include mowing the front and back lawn, line trimming around the house, fence and the obstacles on the lawn with a string trimmer. You can choose between every week and every two weeks lawn mowing service based on how frequently your lawn needs to be mowed. Our most popular and recommended service is our every week lawn mowing service, Every week lawn mowing will keep your lawn looking great.


Our lawn mowing services include sidewalk and driveway edging off the front porch, back porch, and front driveway and the sidewalk.

Season Special

FREE weed control and fertilizing

Two Applications. When you sign a contract of lawn mowing for all season.